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WISPGate is an enterprise software platform, that manages, monitors, and maintains clients’ bandwidth and connection.

Manage your Entire ISP with WISPGate’s

Billing & Network Management Modules

WISPGate Difference:

A Robust and haven’t ever seen CRM module

Offer new Internet Services

Shared, Dedicated or Bundled packages
Dynamic and Static Mode change
Speed Plan, Data Cap

Manage your projects with Project management module

Support all your subscribers centrally with WISPGate’s

Help Desk, Call Center, and ticketing modules

WISPGate Features

With WISPGate, reduce your workforce and provide uninterrupted & high quality service.

What is WISPGate?

WISPGate is an ISP Management, CRM, and Billing platform designed and developed specifically for Internet service providers (xISP), Telcos, and network managers. It’s an all-in-one solution for ISPs that includes fundamental features that every service provider would need. such as smart billing, automated invoicing, centralized configuration management, graphing and monitoring, hotspot management, client portal, and dozens of other useful features for enterprise ISPs. What makes WISPGate different is being fully customizable and integrable. We are proud of our integration ability, just let us know what you want to integrate with, we will make the API for.

We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate, just let us know what you want to integrate with

WISPGate Supports
Wide Range of NASs and Routers Such As:

Modules & Details

Radius & Billing

  • Subscription
  • Devices
  • IPAM
  • QOS
  • Logging
  • Services
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Invoices
  • Products
  • Assets
  • ID & Passport Verfication


  • Topology
  • Site
  • VPN Manager
  • Monitoring
  • Notification
  • WiFi & Hotspot

CRM Module

  • Contacts
  • Organization
  • Calendar
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Mail Campaign
  • SMS Campaign
  • Event Managment
  • Helpdesk
  • Call Center
  • Work Orders
  • Service Contract
  • Projects
  • Projects Task
  • Tasks
  • Fleet Managment
  • Stock
  • Vendors
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Order
  • Payments
  • Resellers


  • Customer Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Gateway
  • e-Fatura
  • SMS Panel
  • Call Center

Plans & Pricing

that works for you!

  • Billing recurrence is monthly/quarterly
  • %5 discount to be included on Half yearly payment
  • %10 discount to be included on yearly paymeny
  • $30 per month to be included for cloud based
  • $500 installation fee will be included
  • with 24/7 Free Support*
178 Networks
894 Sites
6458 Devices
11694 Subcribers


“Uzun süredir böyle bir hizmetin eksikliğini yaşıyoruz. Hatasız, sorunsuz ve kullanışlı ara yüzü ile bizi çok mutlu etti.”


'' M.IT.S-Co'nun sunmuş olduğu ISS yönetim platforumu ile işler daha kolay ve hızlı. TEŞEKKÜRLER.


“Türkiye'de ki ISS firmaları için yeni bir soluk getiren bu uygulamadan çok memnun kaldığımızı, başarılarının devam etmesini dilerim.”


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